Adventure forums - are next gen console games too expensive?

Mikayla Frami asked a question: Adventure forums - are next gen console games too expensive?
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🚩 Why are console games more expensive?

But if you’ve bought digital games for your console, you’ll notice how expensive they are when compared to physical copies. You’d think that physical games would be more expensive to account for the production of the game case, cover art, and disk, but they’re still the same price (and sometimes cheaper).

🚩 Do you think console games are too expensive?

Game consoles are no more expensive than they were in the past. Most consoles have always started around $299 or $399. However a PC the most superior gaming platform is and will always be the most expensive. You will never see an elite PC gamer give up his/her rig for any console but console owners would gladly give consoles up for a great PC ...

🚩 Why are console games more expensive than pc titles?

Answer (1 of 16): User's answer is correct, though I'd say that the console gaming industry wants to keep their games expensive, because they most likely want bigger margins. So they keep making disks and supporting the disk-based industries, because they presumably make more money that way. That...

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The games for the new consoles, such as the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Revolution, are set to wow players with heightened realism and cinematic graphics. Some of the next-generation games showcased at the E3 games expo have already drawn gasps of amazement from the audience.

Following the announcement from Square Enix that #FinalFantasy7Remake would be getting a #PS5 upgrade, Mikey looks into how fair the pricing is and whether o...

It is still a great game but is Nintendo charging too much for a such old game, which is re-launched for the gameboy advance; other games are even relauched for many different generation consoles like Super Nintendo, playstation one, playstation 2; e.g. Street Fighter 2; the Wii get the Super Nintendo version, while the Xbox 360 get the arcade version of SF2.

PlayStation and Xbox have both failed to sell next-gen | Opinion A new wave of consoles approaches, but neither platform holder offers a compelling reason to invest at launch

6 Philips CD-i: Brain Dead 13. One of the first ever CD based-consoles, the doomed Philips CD-i was released in 1990. It was a failure for two reasons: It had practically no good games, and was extraordinarily expensive at $1,000 upon launch. Most PlayStation 5 scalpers don't even have the nerve to charge that much.

December 2021. TBC 2021 and beyond. If you're looking for a list of all the new games coming out in 2021, we’ve got you covered. The first few months of 2021 were relatively quiet for new games ...

Adam from Replayability joins Nintendo Enthusiast’s Youtube channel and starts off his addition to the team by asking “Are Virtual Console games too expensive?” Adam tackles the topic by comparing the cost of Virtual Console games to their cart counterparts and the results are quite interesting! What do you think of his assessment? Do you find the price of Virtual Console games fair ...

@Yoyoyo69 - consoles are always this way… base console hardware is relatively affordable (compared to equivalent pc components), games and peripherals tend to be more expensive.

While the Xbox One is $50 more expensive than the Wii U, it also comes with 468 more GB of storage, which is great if you are getting budget games with Microsoft’s Games with Gold service.

Sony have confirmed that three of the games previously assumed to be next-gen PlayStation 5 exclusives are also actually coming to PlayStation 4. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy A Big Ad

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Is pc gaming more expensive than console gaming?

There is a common myth that PC gaming is expensive than console gaming. Analyzing the cost would bring anyone to the same conclusion. I mean sure if you are making a high-end PC and want to be on the top of the line. Then PC gaming is expensive but if you just want a low end or mid-end PC then it’s not.

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Other - is console gaming more expensive than pcs?

On the other hand, PC gaming has you playing these games on your personal computers… The truth is that you spend less on a console than a gaming PC Consoles are cheaper because their manufacturers get preferential hardware prices on the consoles they build. They also do not need to make a profit on their consoles… PCs cost more upfront ...

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Why is steam so expensive compared to console?

Steam is greedy 1/3 cut.. Industry standard. Console manufacturers also take a 30 % cut ... AND licensing fees on top of it. That's the 10 dollars console games usually cost more. Also this cuts ensures you can use the service as you do as a costumer. So why are you complaining about something that benefits you?

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Are pokemon games expensive?

Pokémon games are no different and their prices are every bit as affected by market manipulation. Perhaps more so because of the recent surge in popularity the franchise has seen. The market is flooded with graded copies of Pokémon games, and rare editions that sellers insist are worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Why is sackboy a big adventure so expensive?

Sackboy is on PS4, but it has a free PS5 upgrade so they're treating it like a PS5 game. It's unfortunate but it always happens at launch, it takes a while for the install base to increase and for them to get more competitive on prices. 6. level 1. blackheartme.

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| are video games too expensive?

New games were £40 in the early 90s, back when they were short, shallow, unsightly, simple and rubbish. Adjusted for inflation, that £40 is £86 in 2021. The best modern games are slick, deep ...

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Should games be more expensive?

Should Video Games Be More Expensive? 3 Reasons Why That Doesn't Make Sense 1. Video games rarely actually cost $60 to begin with, once you factor everything in. The $60 sticker-price is just one... 2. Digital distribution drastically lowers costs for publishers and essentially kills off the used ...

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Why are games so expensive?

Games Are More Complex Than Ever. The short answer to the question of why games are so expensive is that games are much more complex now than they have ever been, and that is likely to continue into the future. Even the biggest games of the early generations could be done by a handful of people, a modern AAA game can require a team of hundreds ...

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Why games expensive in australia?

“If a game in Australia must be rated MA15+, whereas overseas it can be sold with a PG rating, then the price is likely to be higher in Australia because the potential market is smaller – a ...

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Is a gaming pc really more expensive than a console?

The RRP for new PC games is usually between £29.99 and £39.99, whereas console games cost £39.99 to £49.99. Hence if you buy new games on PC, there's a potential saving of £20 per game.

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20. should games be more expensive?

Sep 20, 2019, 12:51am EDT ‘Daemon X Machina’ Review: Ignore The Casuals, This Is A Proper Mecha Game ... If games ought to be more expensive than perhaps we need to demand that modern games ...

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Are video games price too expensive?

Video Games Price in Early Age Video games haven’t risen from 60 in 15 years. At that time, they’ve got bigger, better, and most importantly, more costly. But the inflation argument doesn’t hold water. At the same time, video

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Are video games too expensive nowadays?

Basically, games are TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE!! This is an ISSUE! Listen ya’ll, I understand the company took more than a year to make it and stuff but 40.165% the games are a DISASTER! This is why games should be at a MINIMUM of £25! Ok, take an old game from the nineties against now, this is in a typical game shop, usually £5, now multiply that ...

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Mig: are video games too expensive?

MyInsideGamer writes: "We look at video game budgets and profit margins to find out the answer to the age old question: "Are Video Games Too Expensive? Many people wonder are games too expensive to buy. The average cost of a game is around $50 - a fairly high amount in these times. Many people wonder is this insanely overpriced for a disc with a days worth of enjoyment. Let's look at ...

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Nerdphilia: are video games too expensive?

ARE VIDEO GAMES TOO EXPENSIVE ? This question is one of the biggest questions right now in the videogame industry, The answer to that question has to be a resounding YES at least as far as we cash-straooed punter are concerned. However one high flying game exec now thinks so to.

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Should video games be more expensive?

Should Video Games Be More Expensive? 3 Reasons Why That Doesn't Make Sense 1. Video games rarely actually cost $60 to begin with, once you factor everything in. The $60 sticker-price is just one... 2. Digital distribution drastically lowers costs for publishers and essentially kills off the used ...

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Video games should be more expensive?

Oreo cookies haven't gotten that much more expensive to manufacture, but inflation has settled in and made a smaller box cost nearly twice as much as a larger box twenty years ago. Video games, on ...

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Why are aaa games so expensive?

Why are AAA games so expensive? AAA (pronounced Triple-A) is the criterion by which games are classified as technically complex and highly interactive products with top-quality graphics, video, and music. All this leads to high development costs along with high marketing costs to reach a huge audience and generate substantial profits.

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Why are arcade games so expensive?

We’re talking about huge Arcade cabinets, with their own cabinets, their own hardware and their own panels of buttons. Imagine having each of the games you own, with their own TVs, their own controllers, their own console. After that, most of the ...

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Why are board games so expensive?

The price of oil increases making shipping freight more expensive; A board game brings together lots of small components that all have to be commissioned from suppliers, sorted and bought together in a box, then shipped around the world and stored in a warehouse. Making board games is expensive. Board games may actually save you money

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Why are digital games more expensive?

Digital Storefronts Have Less Competition

In order to compete, in-person retailers have to hold sales or slash prices to attract buyers. This is why you'll often see discounted games at physical stores.

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Why are digital games so expensive?

The truth is that digital games, across all platforms, are more expensive than physical discs for a few different reasons: The need to foster brick and mortar retail. The infancy of digital storefronts on console. The lack of competition. Going all digital isn’t always the more costly route, and it’s becoming the preferred method of playing ...

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Why are ds games so expensive?

Why Nintendo DS Games Are So Expensive Now Gaming on Nintendo DS should be cheap, in theory, but the reality is a surprisingly expensive market for many DS games - especially Pokémon. The Nintendo DS was one of the longest-lived gaming handhelds, with varying incarnations on sale from 2004 to 2013 - in the same timeframe, for reference, Microsoft launched both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Why are ds games still expensive?

The explanation is relatively simple, but it might still be enough to nudge retro gamers to look into other hobbies. Some Nintendo DS games remain cheap, like Super Mario 64 DS or Mario Kart DS, which top out at about $32 and $29, respectively, on marketplaces like eBay at time of writing.

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Why are gameboy games so expensive?

Why are gameboy games so expensive? The GameBoy Advance games are expensive because they come in cartridges. Games in rounds are costly to make. They even cost more to make than CDs/DVDs, which most new games ...

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