Annals of the richest .01%: how did harry reid get so wealthy?

Gaston Roob asked a question: Annals of the richest .01%: how did harry reid get so wealthy?
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🚩 How did harry reid become so wealthy?

And this is why Reid wants so desperately to remain in power – because it’s all he’s got. The whole of Reid’s position in life has been built on his government office. Wealth, power and prestige, for Reid, are dependent upon his remaining in office. To lose office is to lose the ability to, say, build up another four million dollars.

🚩 How did harry reid (d) become soooo wealthy?

When Harry Reid entered the Nevada legislature in 1982, ... When his 2010 challenger Sharron Angle asked him in a debate how he had become so wealthy, he said, “I did a very good job investing.”

🚩 How did harry reid become rich?

When his 2010 challenger Sharron Angle asked him in a debate how he had become so wealthy, he said, “I did a very good job investing.” Did he ever. On December 20, 2005, he Did he ever.

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The first of two parts For RealClearPolitics, Adam O'Neal writes: Last month, as the Senate was busy negotiating the final details of its Ukraine aid package, Majority Leader Harry Reid became temporarily distracted with a campaign finance issue. Since winning re-election in 2010, Reid’s campaign had purchased gifts for supporters and donors from vendors like Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon ...

When Harry Reid entered the Nevada legislature in 1982, his net worth was listed as between $1 million and $1.5 million “or more,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. So, since ...

Seriously, How did Harry Reid get so rich? “As a senator and the majority leader in the Senate, Reid pulls down a salary of $193,400 per year. According to the latest data from, which is from 2010, Reid has assets totalling $10,360,000.”

How Did Harry Reid Get Rich? | National Review Online. Try this thought experiment. Imagine that someone grows up in poverty, works his way through law school by holding the night shift as a Capitol Hill policeman, and spends all but two years of his career as a public servant.

How did Harry Reid get rich? Posted on August 21, 2012 | Comments Off on How did Harry Reid get rich? Well, this son of poverty who’s spent his life in “public service” has done a few shady land and stock deals , using his powers as a legislator, which account for some of his millions in assets.

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Discussion How did Harry Reid get so rich? An interesting article. Life, The Universe, and Politics

Terrific. September 23, 2020; In apparent play for QAnon supporters, GOP attack ads claim Democrat lawmakers are defending ‘sex offenders’ September 23, 2020 James TRue gives new historical information from c. 150 years ago July 4, 2020; The irony here is that the author quotes Sun Tzu about the importance of knowing one’s enemy, but never once dares to utter the name of that enemy.

How did Harry Reid Get Rich. and why hasn't he released his tax records? By tapirmusic, August 15, 2012 in United States and the Americas. Recommended Posts. tapirmusic 529 tapirmusic 529 Astral Projection; Closed ...

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Millionaire jack - how did harry reid gets so rich?

Harry Reid has spent more than 40 years in government, starting as a small city’s attorney and eventually becoming the most powerful senator in the country. He has raised tens of millions of dollars in political contributions, established himself as an institution in Nevada politics along the way, and made himself a very wealthy man.

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So, seriously, how did harry reid get so rich?

It’s a serious question: Just how did Sen. Reid get so rich? As a senator and the majority leader in the Senate, Reid pulls down a salary of $193,400 per year. According to the latest data from, which is from 2010, Reid has assets totalling $10,360,000. How does this happen? And seriously, why hasn’t he released his tax returns?

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Rush limbaugh report: how did harry reid get so rich?

RUSH: We've completed our research. We can't find very much time that Dingy Harry had to be in private practice in law, two years at most. We know he's involved in a bunch of shady land deals, and he claims that all that money he made as a lawyer he invested. That's what got him rich.

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But then what should we really expect from Harry Reid. After all, here is a career politician who lives in the Ritz Carlton in Washington and has millions hidden in illegal offshore accounts – money he accrued from pimping prostitutes back home in Nevada. I know this because “the word’s out” about it.

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How did harry reid get so incredibly rich as a public official?

Reid has walked a fine line over the years, occasionally breaking rules or engaging in brazenly unseemly behavior during his pursuit of wealth. Further, he has also used his position to save money in ways that the general public can’t — a practice that creates public relations issues and raises questions about the senator’s ethics.

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