Are colleges need blind but not wealth blind?

Alek Swaniawski asked a question: Are colleges need blind but not wealth blind?
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🚩 Are colleges wealth blind?

Are colleges really need blind? Colleges are not need blind as they may suggest so freely to applicants and their parents. Now there are a couple schools that are straightforward — they're open and honest about being need aware. aware.

🚩 How does wealth blind people?

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In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald depicts the theme of “Wealth can breed carelessness” using the literary devices and/or techniques of irony, flashback, and point of view. Throughout the story, Nick Carraway exposes the affluent main characters through their hideous actions and words.

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Through need-blind admission, colleges are trying to level the playing field. The idea is that the admittance system becomes more merit-based: each student stands on their own achievement in high school, not on the wealth (or lack thereof) of their parents.

Thus, they are effectively need blind, but not on the basis of some moral principle; they really have no choice. But at that very small sliver of universities that claim to be need-blind and that could swap a poor student for a wealthy one–the ones who wear “need-blind” as badge of honor–the term is fairly ridiculous on its face.

Most colleges are not need blind. Even the wealthiest schools with the largest endowments need someone to pay the bills. Even at Harvard, with the world’s largest endowment, roughly 40% of their freshman class can afford full tuition. Not exactly a representation of the country at large.

Consider this: If a college were need blind, then theoretically they could admit a class in which 95% of students need financial aid. If 95% of an incoming class needed financial aid, that college would be in major trouble.

Ceasing need-blind admissions is a politically tenuous move for colleges and universities -- need-blind policies, associated with meritocracy and equal opportunity, cut to the heart of institutional values that many students, staff and faculty hold dear. But sometimes those values have run up against cold, hard finances.

Indeed, only 32 of the 102 colleges that currently have need-blind admissions policies for domestic applicants guarantee full financial aid without loans to all accepted students who need it, says...

Need-blind admission is a term used in the United States denoting a college admission policy in which an institution does not consider an applicant's financial situation when deciding admission. This policy generally increases the proportion of admitted students needing financial aid and often requires the institution to back the policy with an ample endowment or other sources of funding.

Many colleges and universities like to tout “need-blind” admissions processes, or the practice of judging their applicants’ academic qualifications strictly on their merits and making decisions without factoring in applicants’ wealth.

And need-aware schools need not become less diverse. Macalester has published some data showing that its demographics did not change much when it moved from need-blind admissions to need-aware.

Understanding Need-Blind Admission. Among a few need-blind U.S. colleges, prospective international students' ability to pay is not taken into consideration. Anayat Durrani July 22, 2021.

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