Are expensive scart leads worth the money?

Noel Spinka asked a question: Are expensive scart leads worth the money?
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🚩 Expensive scart leads... are they worth it?

Even screened scart leads can still suffer from signal leakage resulting in floating 'ghost' images of the last view analogue channel or its sound breaking through. In these cases opening up the...

🚩 Expensive scart cables - worth it?

I have a Toshiba 36ZP38 TV, Toshiba 330e DVD & Sky+. All connected through the scart cables that came with the eqiipment. Is it worth buying expensive scart cables? If so, what and from where? Are there any other methods to connect this equipment?

🚩 Page 1 of any difference with the more expensive scart leads?

Hello can anyone say that buying a more expensive scart with the gold plated pins and oxygen free wires...Blah Blah Blah...etc really give a better ... This website needs Javascript to function properly.

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Hi there I have been experiencing some kind of mild 'cross talk' or 'interference' when using my set top box - usually in the form of a very feint image from another channel (and a strange block of feint vertical lines about a third from the top of the picture) ... I replaced the scart lead...

Are expensive scart leads (less than £20) worth buying? Should I replace my free scart(s) with the more expensive type? As always with these things it the quality of the lead not the cost. As Nigel says, as long as they ...

I have a Panasonic Viera HD TV,no HD DVD or owt though! Is it worth getting a good (£20-£30) scart lead. i think they did a test on the gadget show about expensive v cheap scart leads and there ...

Some scart leads are very expensive (gold plated etc) are they worth the money? by | earlier 0 LIKES Like UnLike Some cost £75 only 1 metre long. I feel somesone is trying to rip me off. I have several £6 Tags: Report ...

The thing with top quality SCART leads is that you have complete piece of mind. Even with relatively inexpensive equipment, you know that you are getting the best out of it. And, as you`ll notice, expensive leads are much tougher

Usually the audio and video leads will have individual earthed screening around them and an overall foil wrap screening around the entire cable. If it's a monster cable I suspect each wire is created by monks, lovingly crafted and hand rolled and once matured it's paired with other like minded cables and formed into a scart lead.

Leads DO make a difference but IMO there is no point spending £££££££ over the top on them. My system at the moment which is prob. worth over £4K is connected together with FREE scart leads-lol.The picture is ...

Having just got my new Humax HDD recorder, I decided to take the salesman's advice and get a new, higher quality scart to go with it. The picture's great, though I've no idea how much of this is the lead. Not wanting to

For £5 it looks like you can`t go wrong. Perhaps that sort of basic and inexpensive but reasonable quality SCART cable is what manufacturers should s... [VIDEO] This Star Wars watch brings the power of the Dark Side to your wrist last post by admars

RIP Freddy Marx (of Rod, Jane and Freddy) last post by marksparks999

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Expensive Audio Cables Are A Lie! The price difference between the bottom tier ($20-$25) and the middle tier is almost negligible ($40-$50). The difference comes from the quality of the build (not the quality of the audio that pops out the other end) and perhaps the cost of the packaging and some of the marketing budget.

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Whats the diffrence between a expensive scart and a very cheap one?

If your using a £20 dvd player and a Technotronica or what ever TV from Asda/tesco then you will probably not notice the difference between a £1 cable and a £30 cable. increase the quality of the source and display then you will be able to see a difference between a cheapie and an expensive cable. Very expensive cables utilize silver wire prepared in oxygen free conditions just to get that finite improvement over a copper cable even copper cables can be oxygen free as well.

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