Are snsd came from a rich families?

Ulices Thiel asked a question: Are snsd came from a rich families?
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The same way that people are rich today. either by sheer hard work, or inherited.

🚩 How rich was india before british came?

In india they were selling gold pieces and pearls like snacks this is an example for india's wealth

🚩 How crazy rich are asia's wealthiest families?

But for the time being, the riches of Asia's wealthiest families are still eclipsed by American and European dynastic fortunes. The Walton family, who own about half of Walmart (WMT), remain the...

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Sooyoung; yes. She's the richest member (based on family. Not income) I think Tiffany and Jessica come from rich families too

it's well known that sooyoung is the richest among them. seohyun is pretty rich too. like her parents was supposed to send her to overseas for ballet but she was scouted by sm instead so she chose to be a singer. while yoona had the lowest family income in snsd during pre-debut.

The fourth SNSD member whose net worth we will investigate is Sooyoung, the sub vocalist and one of the actresses in the group. It is not a secret that Sooyoung comes from a wealthy family, as in SNSD’s early show, she once showed her family’s large villa in Gwangju when the team paid it a visit to play around.

Here are the 10 K-Pop idols who were fortunate enough to be born into rich families! You'd never would've guessed that these humble and generous idols had so much. 1. EXO's SuHo. SuHo's father is a well known college professor, and he grew up in Apgujeong - one of the most wealthy areas of Seoul. 2. TWICE's Tzuyu.

She has been able to transition so well post SNSD because she has had a lot of experience in modeling before joining SNSD. Some of her endorsements come from Pandora, Crocs, Lee Jeans, and S-Oil. In addition, she lives in an apartment that is worth over $2.5 million. Yoona Estimated Net Worth: $20 Million. Taeyeon

1- SNSD’s Sooyoung‘s grandfather is in the architecture industry. Her home has a yard big enough for all of the SNSD members to run around in. 2- JYJ’s Yoochun owns his own villa and $1 million USD in yachts as a hobby. 3- ZE:A Hyungshik‘s father is a member of the board of directors for a foreign car company

I dont know how to explain this one, but he does come from a well off family. He went to a prestigious high school in his hometown. He was an exchange student in Australia. His mother once wore a limited edition pouch (seen at his graduation day i think). His father rumored to be a well known person in Korea. NOT JUST IKSAN but KOREA.

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EXO leader Suho comes from a wealthy family and lives a lavish lifestyle, the group’s members revealed on television show “Beatles Code 2″ . On the show, MC’s Tak Jae Hoon and Super Junior’s Shindong asked Suho, who likes to play golf in his spare time, about rumours suggesting that he actually came from a wealthy family.

These idols didn't only got the looks, popularity and talent, but also come from above average family. They were born with silver spoon since beginning, the roaster of humanity. Even with all that comfortable assured life even if they didn't work, they choose a path with working hard as a key, in short, they aren't being lazy.

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